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        Add:No. 8, Weier Rd., North of Economic Development Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

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        Recruitment post:Export Department Manager
        Work place:Suqian City Recruitment number:1person Release time:[2016/06/13]


        1. Bachelor degree or higher, major in international trade, business English, E-commerce, chemistry or related field is preferred;

        2, English level six or higher, excellent English written and oral ability;

        3, Good at using the network resources, familiar with the B2B platform promotion, E-commerce platform operating experience is preferred;

        2,5 years or longer working experience in import and export business, chemical industry, rubber chemicals, cable materials, photovoltaic, electric wire and cable and other related field is preferred;

        3, Familiar with the import and export business processes, familiar with the import and export laws and regulations and trade management knowledge and skills;

        4, With excellent English listening, reading, writing ability, familiar with the use of office software;

        5, With excellent organizational and management skills, good communication and negotiation skills, good sense of innovation, teamwork and service awareness, strong sense of responsibility

        Job Description:

        1, To organize and set up Export Department, develop departmental work plan and related budget, manage Export Department overall;

        2, To develop and plan the import and export business process, collect and analyze  important information data in the industry, and explore the domestic and foreign markets actively;

        3, To assist the company leadership to develop, maintain overseas markets, participate in foreign trade cooperation negotiations, help establishing and maintaining foreign sales network;

        4, Be responsible for signing bulk trade contracts and supervise the implementation of the contract, deal with the relevant business matters;

        5, To do daily contact with foreign and product consulting work; manage related letter, documentation, etc.;

        6, To participate in all kinds of foreign trade exhibition, mining and tracking customers;

        7, To contact with important customer, and do the relationship maintenance;

        8, To do and improve all kinds of promotional literature in English; do translation work in English written and oral.

        9, Be responsible for the assessment, text, training, rewards and punishment, and so on.

        Post treatment:

        1, Salary=basic salary + performance reword+ personal annual bonus + kinds of benefits, Heart is a platform,change your heart, change your platform;

        2, Promotion channels: a staged mechanism about the ability, position, salary rise to achieve career planning and promotion;

        3, Our company prepares to enlist in Chinese stock market, welcome all talents to join. Good employee would be given the stock reword.

        Apply for this job or send your CV to the E-mail box: info@huaxingchem.net

        Apply for this position Or send your resume to the mailbox.:info@huaxingchem.net
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        Add:No. 8, Weier Rd., North of Economic Development Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

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